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Please send your comments / suggestions / feedback regarding any technical and administrative policy matters which requires attention of the Director General, Geological Survey of India.
This facility should not be used for registering any personal request or grievance.

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IshfaqAhmad Mir (ishfaq.mir@gsi.gov.in) As per letter no. No.IA&IGC/GSI/CHQ/IshfaqAhmad/US/2018, Dated,13th June, 2018 from Your Office, I am providing clarification for point d."Respected Sir,Matter must be addressed to office of P&A View Details
RajkumarMeshram (rr.meshram@gsi.gov.in) Publication of 35th IGC Special volume from Publication Division, CHQ, KolkataSir, 35th IGC was held at Cape Town, South Africa last year. Good numbers of officers from GSI attended the IGC. After returning from IGC, submission of paper on topic presented there was mandatory and many of us submitted paper to Publication Division Kolkata as per guideline provided by NMH-III. Till date no information is available on this Publication of 35th IGC Special volume from Publication Division, CHQ, Kolkata. This is not encouraging to younger officers.This issue has been brought to the notice of Publication Division..View Details
Lovelesh KumarSoni (soni.lovelesh@gsi.gov.in) Change in Initial names. Respected Sir, Kindly refer Final gradation list of Mineral Physics Stream. A very strange fact that I would like to bring in your notice. The Educational qualification of a few mineralogists written as Ph. D. However the initial has not been written as Dr. Sir, previously I wrote several letters in this regard. Kindly take necessary action. Each person may individually write to DDG (P&A) for necessary corrections.View Details
MaheshChauhan (5065mahesh@gmail.com) Consideration of Hard rock for measurement of digging of pits and trenches.Sir, I am working as an engineer in state electricity utility. In our organization there is an extra labour charges are to be paid to contractors if digging work is being carried out epecially in Dahod, Panchmahals district. Is there any methodology to consider such pit or trench digging for extra labour charges considering as hard rock area? Your guidance will help us a lot.. Thanking you.Thank you for the mail , You can contact the Gandhinagar office of Geological Survey of India for necessary help. View Details
MOHDSADIQ (mohd.sadiq.gsi@gov.in) Affiliation of GSI NCEGRs/Offices from UGC/CSIRDear Sir, If UGC/CSIR or concerned ministry recognises GSI NCEGRs, GSITI as authorized/affiliated geosciences research centres for PhD work than it will become convenient for GSI officers to do doctorate without hampering the regular FSP work of GSI. The possibilities can be explored. In this case an officer may be enrolled in any recognized central/state university for awarding PhD degree while carrying out the research work in GSI's research centre so that officer is exempted from mandatory attendance as mentioned in UGC guidelines for pursuing PhD. E.g. Scholars/Scientists do their PhD work in NIOT, NCAOR but Goa University awards the degree. If this is materialised, GSI officers will be highly encouraged to do advance research work and upgrade their professional skills which will be beneficial for GSI. Thank you for the suggestion , As GSI is in the process of implementing the VAQ model the suggestion can be discussed. View Details
ANANDA MURTHYSAMA (s.murthy.gsi@gov.in) Best utilisation of personnel In continuation of suggestion, regarding VAQ, with reference to HRD, should develop a database in GSI. 1) How many had visited abroad, and their deployment, contributions, 2) How many have receive Mineral award, where they were deployed, 3) How many posted In Laboratories with their experience and contributions, 4) How many are engaged in Headquarters with their experience and age, 5) Candidates served, as faculty in GSITI should be utilised in proper postings, Like that every individual biodata based on Expertise/postings/assignments/attitude etc., will be documented by, HRD for better utilisation of personals. Suggestions will be kept in mind while preparing the VAQ documentView Details
SandeepJain (sandeepkumar@orientalfacility.com) technical evaluation of tender for housekeeping & toilet cleaning at GSI Lucknowtotal 19 tenders received. 18 rejected on technical grounds. Financial bid being opened for single bidder. Reasons for technical rejection not specified on eprocure or in summary uploaded by GSI lucknow. Please provide reason for technical rejection in the tender.Necessary action has been taken .View Details
ajayagarwal (ajay.agarwal@gsi.gov.in ) Implementation of VAQ Sir, this is in continuation of my previous mail due to words restriction 4. Awareness programme from CVO guidelines point of view and GFR , GeM is required for all the divisions so that they can take care while submitting the indent and specifications of high end equipments . 5. There is a need of confidence building among stores personnel like they will defended by th edepartment if due procedures are followed and things are not delayed due to malafide intention . 6. Compulsory formation of local purchase committees to take care of petty things following due procedure and easing the load from APMD. 7. All divisions likely to procure the things avaialble may be allowed to procure the same , if available in Gem , provided approval of authorities like ADG MIII for IT items , CHQ HOD for office items do exists . Thanks for the suggestions View Details
ASHOKGROVER (akgroverg@yahoo.com) Publishing paper in GSI journalI am retired GSI officer and wrote a paper with one GSI officer. I wants to publish it in Indian Journal of Geosciences. To whom I should contact officially in GSI for its submission?Sir, Many congratulations for writing the paper . The paper from a person of your stature is surely going to benefit the scientific community .You are most welcome to send it directly to DG,s office for necessary action in this regards. View Details
AJAYSRIVASTAVA (ajay.srivastava@gsi.gov.in) TRAINING FOR GEO-SCIENTISTS WORKING IN GEOTHERMAL PROJECTSSir, I have worked in Geothermal Division projects of NR, Lucknow from 2013 to 2016 under the guidance of Shri R.K. Aggarwal, DDG, (Retd). Most of the geothermal people before in GSI has got training from abroad and at present, no personnel having geothermal training is left in GSI. Geothermal power is a renewable source of energy and we can initiate good projects in this direction. Kindly initiate steps in this direction so that we can restore the lost glory of geothermal division GSI is also concerned about the dwindling strength of Geo-scientists in Geothermal Division . Necessary measures are being taken up in this direction. View Details
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