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For any feedback or issues, please write to ocbis.helpdesk@gsi.gov.in or call on +91 83358 81788
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Ministry of Mines, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi

Name Designation IP Phone No.
Shri Pralhad Joshi Honourable Minister of Mines 08001
Shri Sushil Kumar Secretary 08003
Dr. K. Rajeswara Rao Additional Secretary
Ms Reena Sinha Puri Joint Secretary & FA 08005
Shri. Pradeep Singh Director (Technical) 08006

Geological Survey of India

Designation Name Address Telephone (Office) IP Phone No. Email FAX
Director General Dr. Ranjit Rath DG, GSI 033-2252 1779 01001 dg.gsi@gov.in 033-2252 1714
Additional Director General Shri Rajendra Singh Garkhal Policy Support System (033)-2262-0374 01008 adgpss@gsi.gov.in
Additional Director General Shri Rajendra Singh Garkhal ADG ,Finance 033-22861770 01777 ddgf@gsi.gov.in 033-22520605
Additional Director General Shri S N Meshram National Mission Head-IA 033-23583679 (F) 03101 hodm1@gsi.gov.in 033-23583679 (F)
Additional Director General Shri D. Mohan Raj National Mission Head-II 0712-2511672 (F) 04046 hodm2@gsi.gov.in 0712-2511672 (F)
Additional Director General Dr. S. Raju National Mission Head-III & IV 033-22520616 01036 hodm4@gsi.gov.in 033-2286 1716(F)
Deputy Director General Shri. CH Venkateswara Rao National Mission Head-V 040-24227767
02201 hod.gsiti@gsi.gov.in 040-24225029 (F)
Additional Director General Shri P. A. Ramesh Babu STSS 033-23573234 (F) 01055 033-23573234 (F)
Additional Director General Shri P. A. Ramesh Babu HOD, ER and CHQ 033-23377783 03001 hod.er@gsi.gov.in 033-23219241 (F)
Additional Director General Shri. Godise Vidya Sagar HOD, CR (0712) 2511671 04001 hod.cr@gsi.gov.in (0712) 2511671(F)
Additional Director General Shri G V Vidyasagar
Deputy Director General Dr. J Rajeshwar HOD, NER (0364)2520228
11001 hod.ner@gsi.gov.in 0364-2520033 (F)
Additional Director General Shri Som Nath Chandel HOD, NR 0522-2321664 05001 hod.nr@gsi.gov.in 0522- 2336079 (F)
Deputy Director General Shri. CH Venkateswara Rao HOD, SR (040)24220857 02001 hod.sr@gsi.gov.in hodsro.gsi@gov.in 040-24220958 (F)
Deputy Director General Shri. Kahnu Charan Sahoo HOD, WR (0141) 2710753 06001 hod.wr@gsi.gov.in 0141-2711100 (F)
Dy. Director General Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahu HOD , RSAS 080-26662595 (F) 07001 hod.rsas@gsi.gov.in 080-26662595 (F)
Chief Vigilance Officer Shri Santanu Saha CHQ, Kolkata 033 2252 1670 01014 cvo@gsi.gov.in 033 2252-0374 (F)
Public Relations Officer (PRO) Ashish Kumar Nath 27, J. L. Nehru Road, Kolkata-700016 9836212342/9868367077 01009 pro@gsi.gov.in
Gemmology Lab,
Kolkata (Gem testing Services)
Smt. Rama Roy (Rudra) 15, A&B, Kyd Street,
Kolkata - 700016
Name Phone Email
Landline: 033-23571775
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