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Baseline Geoscience, Data Collection

Mission I: Baseline Geoscience Data Generation

Remote Sensing and Aerial Surveys
Remote Sensing and Aerial Surveys - Reports

Multisensor Airborne Geophysical surveys are carried out by engaging Twin Otter Airborne Survey System (TOASS) and Heliborne Geophysical Survey System (HGSS) as a significant aid in exploring mineral resources, particularly base metals. GSI uses digital image processing systems to utilize multispectral data as an aid to prime thrust areas namely mapping, mineral targeting, geo-environmental hazard assessment and geo-engineering solutions.

Hyperspectral (HYPERION) Remote Sensing is being used in GSI with an objective to utilize the spectral response curve (spectral signature) of different alteration minerals like clay, iron minerals and carbonates for their discrimination on the basis of absorption features recorded in the spectra. It is used in mineral mapping particularly for hydrothermal alteration associated with mineralized zone.