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Baseline Geoscience, Data Collection

Mission I: Baseline Geoscience Data Generation

Ground and Marine Surveys
Ground and Marine Surveys - Reports

Ground Surveys consist of Systematic Geological Mapping (SGM) at scale 1:50,000, Specialized thematic mapping (STM) at scale 1:25,000, National Geochemical Mapping (NGCM) at scale 1:50,000 and National Geophysical Mapping (NGPM) to carry out the land gravity and magnetic surveys at scale 1:50,000. SGM is the most fundamental and basic mapping programme adopted by Geological Survey of India in last few decades through which. 98.52% of the total mappable area of the country has been covered.

Marine and Coastal surveys (M&CS) are carried out both in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Territorial Waters (TW) along the East and West Coasts of India and around Andaman Islands. The aim is not only to discover the undersea economic minerals, but also to unravel the evolutionary history of formation of the seabed developed under the influence of various dynamic processes operative on different scales in different parts of the globe.

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Video Conferencing on Mission - IA activities - reg.
Minutes of 2nd OAC Meeting held at GSI, M&CSD, Mangalore on 19 Sept 2018
SOUTHERN REGION15/10/2018Download
Letter - Draft proposals for FSP 2019-20 - reg.
EASTERN REGION12/10/2018Download
Letter - Circulation of Mission - IA reports pertaining to FS 2017-18 - reg.
EASTERN REGION28/09/2018Download
Status of Specialised Thematic Mapping in India
EASTERN REGION28/09/2018Download
Inauguration of New ICP-MS Laboratory and commissioning of the iCAP Qc instrument at Chemical Division, GSI, ER, Kolkata
EASTERN REGION23/01/2018Download
First record of Vertebrate fossils from Middle Eocene, Bandah Formation, Jaisalmer Basin, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
WESTERN REGION02/01/2018Download
Miniutes of NGCM Workshop held on 22nd -23rd September, 2017 at Hyderabad
Video Conferencing by ADG / NMH - 1A, CHq on Mission-1A acitivities
EASTERN REGION31/08/2017Download
Guidelines for M-I projects for F.S. 2018-19
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