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Activities of GSI

36th International Geological Congress (36 IGC) is scheduled to be held on a virtual platform from 20th to 22nd March 2022. The three-day event is being organized by GSI with the approval from IUGS. As per the revised structure, the Director General, GSI is the President, 36th IGC. Additional Director General,Sothern Region, GSI is the Co-President, 36 IGC and Deputy Director General, GSI Training Institute, Hyderabad is Secretary General and Member Secretary, 36 IGC.
Geoscientists from across the world are cordially invited to join the virtual Congress.

GSI FSP linked 36 IGC Field trips

GSI had planned 22 pre/post congress 36th IGC field trips and few other field trips in association with universities and other institutions. The remaining Field Trips could not be conducted due to pandemic Covid 19 outbreak. All the 22 field trip guide books will be virtually released during 36IGC event.
The field trips conducted by GSI during February, 2020 are:

1. CR001: A magnificent trail to Gondwana geology, nature and heritage:
                 Satpura Basin (from 27.02.2020 to 02.03.2020).

2. ER005: The Teesta Chronicle: Tectonics-Climate & Human-Landscape
                 dynamics (from 25.02.2020 to 01.03.2020)

3. WR001: Palaeoproterozoic Lead-Zinc-Copper Sulphide Metallogenesis in
                  Aravalli-Delhi Orogenic Belt, South Central Rajasthan (from
                  26.02.2020 to 29.02.2020)

Legacy Work of GSI for 36 IGC

GSI had prepared geoscientific publications for showcasing GSI legacy, contribution and future activities in 36IGC. Major Publications include:
1. 15 coffee table books and 12 Audio visuals on different aspects of Indian Geology and GSI activities.
2. Bibliography of GSI Publications (in two volumes)
3. Geotourism sites in India
4. Mineral mapof selected mineral belts

GSI Activities in Inaugural Session and Science Program of 36IGC

1. The 36thIGC program is being organized from 20th to 22nd March 2022 on virtual platform. The online event will be held and hosted by GSI Training Institute and Regional Office, Hyderabad.

2. Geoscientists across the world are invited to participate through online complementary registration process in this three days' program. The program details and registration process shall be hosted soon by 36IGC.
For any feedback or issues, please write to ocbis.helpdesk@gsi.gov.in or call IP Phone 10013/10014, BSNL 033-2357-1775
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