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Eparchaean Unconformity, Tirumala hills, Andhra Pradesh

Eparchaean Unconformity, Tirumala hills, Andhra Pradesh separates the Proterozoic Nagari Quartzite from the oldest Archaean granite representing a time gap of over 800 Ma. The unconformity is supposed to be a period of remarkable quiescence without much structural disturbance and igneous activity in the history of earth. The contact is exposed in the Tirumala Hills, located 10 km northwest of Tirupati town, at the 12 km point on the Tirupati � Tirumala Ghat road, Chitoor district, A.P. The Tirupati � Ranigunta loopline connects it to the Chennai � Vijayawada main line of the South Central Railway.

Jodhpur Group � Malani Igneous Suite Contact, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan

Jodhpur Group � Malani Igneous Suite Contact, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan lies at the foot of the picturesque Mehrangarh Fort within the Jodhpur city. The igneous suite marks the last phase of igneous activity of Precambrian age in the Indian Subcontinent. The rock is characterised by purple to red and ash coloured laminated tuff with chocolate coloured chalcedony, dark red obsidian, purple, reddish, buff, whitish and greyish coloured rhyolitic tuff related to ignimbrite. The contact is enhanced by the multi-coloured igneous suite in contact with light coloured Jodhpur sandstone.

Jodhpur is situated SW of Jaipur and is well connected by State Highways. The Northern Railway Main Line and Northern Railway Phalodi Branch passes through Jodhpur Town. Jodhpur is also approachable by air.

Great Boundary Fault at Satur, Bundi district, Rajasthan

Great Boundary Fault at Satur, Bundi district, Rajasthan is characterised by a faulted boundary between Pre-Aravallis and Upper Vindhyans having NNW � SSE trend. It represents a zone of disruption constituted by a number of parallel and oblique faults resulting in a step like feature. Deformed limestone at the site is worth viewing.The Great Boundary Fault is best studied at about 10 km NW of Bundi on Jaipur Road.
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