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Siwalik Fossil Park, Saketi, Sirmur District, Himachal Pradesh

Siwalik Fossil Park
Siwalik Fossil Park, Saketi, Sirmur District, Himachal Pradesh contains rich collection of 2.5 million years old vertebrate fossils from Siwaliks. It covers an area of about 1.5 sq. km at Saketi, in the Markanda valley of Sirmur district, H.P. and was built to check indiscriminate destruction of fossil bones. Some of these fossils are in possession of the British Museum, London, American Museum of Natural History, New York, Indian Museum, Calcutta and elsewhere. The park displays life-size fiberglass models of six of the prehistoric animals that lived in the area 1 to 1.5 million year ago. The animals exhibit are giant land tortoise, gharial, four horned giraffe, sabre-toothed tiger, large tusked elephant and hipopolamid A large and rare collection of vertebrate fossils recovered from Siwalik hills in Saketi and adjacent areas has been displayed in a field museum in the park. The site has been developed to a panorama of Plio‐ Pleistocene period (Ca 2.5 million years) through massive aforestation.

It is about five km northeast of Kala Amb on Kala Amb-Bikramabad road and 22 km SW of Nahan, the district headquarter of Sirmur district, H.P.