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Pillow Lava, Maradihalli, Chitradurga District, Karnataka

Pillow Lava Pillow Lava, Maradihalli, Chitradurga District, Karnataka, hosted within Chitradurga schist belt of Dharwar Group, is one of the best of its kind in the world. They are formed when hot molten lava erupts under water and solidifies in the form of roughly spherical or rounded pillow-shape. The lava gets chilled so suddenly that part of the flow separates into discrete rounded bodies a few feet or less in size. This pillow lava has been dated 2500 million years.

Maradihalli is 16 km southeast of Chitradurga town and 4 km north of Ayamangala village, on the NH-4 (Bangalore‐ Pune). The area is approachable by metalled road via Ayamangala which is about 180 km from Bangalore.

Pillow Lava, Iron ore belt, Nomira, Keonjhar District, Orissa

Pillow Lava Pillow Lava, Iron ore belt, Nomira, Keonjhar District, Orissa is an exposure of well-preserved pillow structures. Individual pillows are roughly ellipsoidal and closely packed with a maximum thickness of 2m x 0.6m. The basic lava is fine to medium grained, green to bluish green coloured with abundant vesicles filled with quartz. The lavas and the associated pyroclastics and tuffs are underlain by quartzite and overlain by shale, chart‐ shale and banded hematite jasper.

The area is located about 18 km south of Joda town lying on Keonjhar‐ Barbil‐ Lahunipada state highway. The monument can be approached from Joda by following Joda Nayagar road upto Bamebari and then following a 2 km unmetalled road leading eastward up to Nomira.