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Peninsular Gneiss National Monument at Lalbagh, Bangalore

Peninsular Gneiss Peninsular Gneiss National Monument at Lalbagh, Bangalore. Lalbagh is one of the most celebrated botanical gardens in the city of Bangalore. One of the four Towers to restrict the city limits was erected by Magadi Kempgowada on Lalbag hills.

The monument is located in the southern part of Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka state, India and is easily approachable by road.

Gneisses and related granitoids constitute one of the most abundant rocktypes exposed on earth.

Peninsular Gneiss The Lalbagh hill is composed of dark biolite gneiss of granitic to granodioritic composition containing streaks of biolite. Vestiges of older rocks are seen in the form of enclaves within the gneiss.

Peninsular Gneiss of the region is dated 2500 to 3400 million years that accreted in three major episodes, i.e. 3.4 Ga, 3.3-3.2 Ga and 3.0-2.9 Ga. The quarries of Lalbagh are of great importance for researches on earth sciences towards evolution of the terrain.