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Marine Gondwana Fossil Park, Manendragarh

Marine Gondwana Fossil Park Marine Gondwana Fossil Park at Manendragarh, Sarguja district, Chattisgarh is an unique exposure of fossiliferous marine Permian (280‐ 240 Ma) rocks of Talchir Formation belonging to Gondwana Supergroup. It is exposed for a length of about one km upstream to the confluence of Hasdeo River and Hasia nala. The marine fauna is represented by the dominance of pelecypods/ lamellibranchs like Eurydesma and Aviculopecten within shale, besides Bryozoans, Crinoids and forminifers.

The area can be approached by road from Nagpur via Jabalpur (NH-7), Katni, Shahdol, Burhar, Anupur and Kotma (SH-14). The area is located on the right bank of Hasdeo River, near the railway bridge between milestone 937 and 938 of the Anuppur‐ Chirmiri branch of Southeastern Railway and about 2.5 km southeast of Manendragarh railway station near Ammakherwa village.

The fossil park can be visited round the year except rainy season, when the fossiliferous horizon is flooded by Hasdeo river.