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Pyroclastic Rocks in Peddapalli, Kolar district, Karnataka

Pyroclastic Rocks Pyroclastic Rocks in Peddapalli, Kolar district, Karnataka. The Peddapalli village is about 700 m. east of the road connecting Kolar Gold Field with the Bangarpet‐ Betmangala road. The outcrop is best approached by the road and taking the southerly diversion near the 10 km stone for about one km. The outcrop is on the NW corner of the village.

The term 'pyroclastic' literally means broken by fire. The particles ejected from a volcano during explosive activity vary considerably in size and composition. All these ejected material consolidate to form pyroclastic rocks.

Pyroclastic Rocks, Peddapalli

Pyroclastic Rocks Pyroclastic Rocks in Peddapalli is a welded agglomerate of large fragments of granite, granite gneiss, basalt and banded ferruginous quartzite set in a matrix of ignimbrite. While many rock fragments are angular some of them appear to be well rounded. Some rock fragments of granite gneiss measure upto 80 cm in diameter.