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About GSI Training Institute

Training and capacity building to increase efficiency and talent forms the fundamental principle in the development of an institution. The Geological Survey of India has been training all its newly recruited geologists with orientation courses imparting field training in many of its field centres distributed across the country, both in the mighty Himalaya and in the picturesque Deccan Plateau. As to the necessity of integration of various policies and activities in the mineral sector and also to prepare the nation for the changing mineral and metal scenario/demand, the emphasis on training upgradation and re-orientation of programmes with both direction and magnitude should be clearly defined in order to explore and optimally utilize the finite mineral resources in the country.

Accordingly, while constituting one of the Missions of Geological Survey of India, the High Powered Committee (HPC) formed to go into the organizational and technical structure of GSI to meet the emerging challenges in the mineral sector, recommended modification and changes in the policies and programmes of the Training Institute in March, 2009. The core of those recommendations under Mission – V: Training and Capacity Building is to improve the entire geoscience sector through training in addition to catering to the needs of GSI. It also emphasized the opportunities for training and scope for further improvement in both administration and technical skill should be available to all those sectors in which GSI may have a link and/or a responsibility.

The Geological Survey of India is the third oldest survey the World over that promotes capacity building by turning out thorough-bred professionals, specialists and fundamental researchers in all fields of geosciences and allied areas both within the department and outside. Established in 1976, with headquarters in Central India (Raipur) with an intent of providing Induction training to the new incumbents of the Survey, TI now radiating into entire spread of the country, has diversified its activities over a period of three decades by establishing Satellite Centres and in the process, shifted its headquarters to Hyderabad. In accordance with the HPC report, Regional Training Institutes are located at Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur and Shillong where the emphasis of training will be on administrative and managerial matters. While the primary responsibilities such as developing Training Policy, Co-ordination and setting up of programme goals besides conducting Induction Level Programme, Specialized and International Courses etc hinge on the TI headquarters, the RTI conducts regional geology-specific, need based capsule courses for earth scientists within and outside the department.

The Field Training Centres which are specially created for advancing the training in region specific geological aspects are at Aizwal (Mizoram), Bhimtal (Uttarakhand), Chitardurga (Karnataka), Kothagudem (Andhra Pradesh), Kuju (Jharkhand), Raipur (Chhattisgarh), Saketi (Himachal Pradesh), Salem (Tamil Nadu), Sukinda (Orissa) and Zawar (Rajasthan) operate for facilitating specialized theme-specific and region-specific programmes. In addition, satellite centres at Wajrakarur (Andhra Pradesh) and Ariyalur (Tamil Nadu) are attached to Chitradurga and Salem FTCs respectively run as parallel centres to impart training in regional geology and stratigraphy. Similarly, satellite centres in Kochi and Visakapatnam on the west and east coast respectively, are arranged for training in Marine and Coastal Surveys and on the geophysical instruments commonly used in the marine surveys and on interpretation of geophysical data on sea beds.

The policy of the Mission – V: Training and Capacity Building envisaged is:
  • Training for all
  • Training need assessment
  • Periodic in-service training
  • Programmes for middle/higher level management
  • Course on scientific, administrative and management
  • Training for support systems


  • To be a well regarded and highly respected geoscientific training institution providing unique multi-disciplinary knowledge in the national interest
  • To be perceived as a selfless training institution devoted to improving standards of training and knowledge delivery for the entire sector
  • Help provide world-class geoscientists in all leading geoscience disciplines


  • Meeting the gap between academic knowledge and field practices to create efficiency
  • Knowledge enhancement by exposing practicing geoscientists to new developments in fields related to their specialization to create excellence
  • Knowledge pooling by enabling direct or indirect interaction amongst related fields to create synergy
  • Human resource development related to attitudinal issues, cooperative behavior, goal-orientation, quality consciousness, etc to create esperit-de-corps


  • The training infrastructure must be capable to train officers systematically at induction, middle and high level in all aspects in their job domains
  • The training infrastructure should programme for high-end cutting edge knowledge sharing and delivery within GSI and with other research institutions
  • A framework should be developed to provide necessary courses to strengthen State DGM in respective regional geological aspects to increase its role in mineral exploration and related fields
  • Effective interactions with various research institutions is to be built up so as to impart advance courses in highly specialized instruments
  • The training infrastructure should be capable of adopting, assimilating or modifying courses to arrange it as interdisciplinary courses to meet the emerging challenges in ever evolving geoscientific fields

The Programmes:

Besides, running regular courses for the needs of Group A Technical officers, the TI also conducts programmes and capsule courses for the State holders keeping pace with the technological advancements, societal needs and also in tune with National Mineral Policy-2008. Based on the training needs with a philosophy of 'training for all'; TI devises a curricula, training frequency of individuals for various layers of management in the fields of administration, financial matters, personnel management, material management, information technology and conducts the same and never compromising courses with conscious on the quality.

In consonance with the identified thrust areas of the department and policies of Government of India, several programmes are on the anvil as listed below:
  • Induction level courses for geologists, geophysicists, chemists, engineers and administrative officers
  • Refresher and advanced courses in geological disciplines
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Digital archival and dissemination of digital data
  • Geochemical Mapping
  • Geophysical Mapping
  • Airborne and Marine Surveys
  • Remote Sensing and Hyperspectral Mapping
  • Active fault studies
  • Earthquakes and Seismic Microzonation
  • Geo-environmental and Natural Hazard Studies including Risk management
  • Geo-technical investigations
  • Information technology
  • Courses in Support Systems (Surveying, Procurement of stores, etc)
  • Management courses
  • Customized Capsule Courses on clients' need

How to Participate:

Interested institutions can go through the calendar of TI hosted in the web and file application for attending the course. Training Courses for State and Central Government officers are conducted on cost free basis. 3 seats are kept reserved for participants from State Governments in all scientific and technical courses including Induction level programme(s). Special Courses can be organized with advance information. The TI has a genuine intention and benign interest for bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practicing professionals by imparting appropriate training programme for the University faculty, students, for constant updating of their knowledge particularly in field. GSITI, with its extensive field and laboratory support, has a dedicated core and guest faculty and borrows the services of the best in the field in the country. TI welcomes all to enjoy the experience of learning in the most congenial atmosphere.
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Copyright 2017 © Geological Survey of India
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